Projects that get built

The Fifth Resource Group provides discerning clients with creative solutions for project development, property entitlement, and facilities management. Our collaborative approach sets egos aside and includes each client as a valued member of the team. We carefully listen and facilitate the necessary conversations so the best project specific solution is selected; the result being a completed project that exceeds client expectation without exceeding budget.

The Fifth Resource Group’s collaborative approach results in a synergy of ideas and passion producing a superior solution exceeding anything that could be achieved individually. A coordinated project implementation, offers the benefit of a single point of contact, resulting in better integration of capital, people, technology, and information.

From initial concept to completed project, The Fifth Resource Group is committed to the success of your project.




“We build it right the first time”

With thirty-five years of demonstrated results in applying industrial engineering and construction project management techniques to designing, planning and managing facilities, Jim has a proven ability to design and implement environments for success. These environments increase productivity and organizational effectiveness by making the facilities more responsive to user needs. He is proficient and experienced in lease negotiation, property acquisition or disposition, environmental assessment and remediation, strategic facility planning, budgeting, and asset management. His responsibilities have included interior design and space planning, construction and renovation, in-house moves and corporate relocations, site environmental and safety compliance, and security. Jim manages with imagination, foresight, and perseverance – He get things done right, the first time.

Contact Jim Ford directly at: 707.484.1688
email: JRFord@fifthresource.com
personal web site: www.fifthresourcegroup.com

"There is not another design firm that I trust more than The Fifth Resource Group. They anticipate each part of the process with remarkable clarity and vision." STAN MEAD La Tortilla Factory








"We prize our client relationships and see this to be the key to our success." Jim Ford











Creative Thinking

Some of our best ideas start out on napkins! We passionately drive each project through to completion.

Legacy Design

Creating superior, beautiful solutions that enhance people’s lives and help businesses succeed.

Green Design

It’s in our DNA. We were designing sustainable projects before it was the ‘in’ thing to do.

Innovative Design

Working closely on every aspect of a project to save our client’s time and money.


We take pride in creating charming, living environments for our clients to call ‘Home’.