A Full Service Project Management Firm

The experience of working with architects, designers, facility managers and project managers is brought to each project. We carefully listen and facilitate the necessary conversations so the best project specific solution is selected; the result being a completed project that exceeds client expectation without exceeding budget. From initial concept to completed project, The Fifth Resource Group is committed to the success of your project.




Understanding the VISION is the first step in any successful project. Through an interview and brainstorming process your design challenge is uncovered and a strategy created. This is done by establishing goals, collecting and analyzing facts, uncovering and testing concepts, determining needs, and stating the solutions for the project.

Strategic Facilities Planning

A MASTER PLAN looks at the entire site and studies the best use of land and arrangement of elements. It is essential to help you understand the BEST way to develop your property, especially when several buildings are planned for production, operations, or enjoyment. This study will make the most efficient use of your site and help avoid the need to demolish or redo construction elements for future growth or expansion

Site Analysis

Understand the features and aspects of your site. We study the particular microclimate of your site, with an eye to UNDERSTANDING how it could potentially affect the spaces we design, and how best to use the resources of the site in the design of the building.

Feasibility Studies

Here we determine the viability of your project. How much can be built? Does it make economic sense? Will the zoning allow you to do what you desire on the site?



Construction Documentation

Our construction document development process is directly tied to our design process - meaning your project will be built the way it was designed. We pride ourselves on the QUALITY of our documentation and have received compliments from city and county agencies as well as from contractors. We will develop the construction documents to the level of detail that is necessary for the complexity of your project.

Agency Approval

We deal with governing agencies on a daily basis and we understand the nuances of the codes that affect your project and the design solutions that address those issues. We are the best choice to push your project through the agency approval maze including:

Use Permits: The key initial approval step for most commercial projects is the Conditional Use Permit approval. This approval involves interaction and comments from the governmental agencies with jurisdiction over your project.

Design Review: Depending on the jurisdiction, most commercial and some residential projects will be required to go through a Design Review approval process in the Sonoma County area.

Building Permit: This is the necessary process to build anything within a particular jurisdiction.



Design Services

We are confident that we will find a SOLUTION for your challenge. We have a strong understanding of what is needed to create your design and our unique collaborative approach affords us the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that exceeds client expectations time and again. We do not design to a particular aesthetic. We understand that the buildings we design belong to our clients and therefore are designed to be important for them.

USGBC LEED Documentation and Submittals

We have USGBC LEED Accredited Professionals on staff that can successfully shepherd the requirements, documentation, and submittals required to achieve a LEED certification for your building. Our staff has years of training and knowledge in strategies and techniques to create buildings that minimize energy usage and impact, resulting in structures that respond appropriately to the ENVIRONMENT.



Bidding/Contractor Selection

We have RELATIONSHIPS with numerous contractors and have suggestions of who would be the perfect fit for your project before we are done with the construction documents. We can assist you in formally bidding your project and assist you in the negotiation of a contract for construction.



Project Implementation and Management

With years of project management EXPERIENCE we manage your project from inception to completion and will advise you as needed throughout the process.


How much will your project cost? How much should I budget to develop and build what I want? This service will help you answer these questions.


We will CHART how long it will take to complete your project and help determine at what point financing should be acquired so that your loan is not obtained too early in the process. We also look at how long it will take for your project to be approved for construction.

Value Engineering

We study and define how each project can be made more affordable.































"Every agency concern was addressed efficiently and our project was approved quickly. The Fifth Resource was our partner for a successful expansion."STAN MEADLa Tortilla Factory

"When the appraiser commented 'you have the most beautiful barn/shop in Sonoma county', I had to agree. It was wonderful working with James Henderson, AIA, of The Fifth Resource Group."CAROLINA O'HAGIN,